Fish and Us, 2018

multi-species prepper culture

Fear is everywhere. Citizens from well-to-do countries are hording provisions and preparing for the worst. End of times fantasies and prepper-culture are vibrant.

What if prepper-culture became a chance to imagine new ways of preparing and sharing basic resources?

The Fish and Us system responds to this perverse opportunity. It is a two species water fountain. It transforms compromised urban water into clean water. It makes good water for people and good water for goldfish.

Depending on how one positions the indestructible mechanical valves, the system either adds trace minerals, which people enjoy, or it removes additional chemicals such as ammonium, which goldfish do not like.

A solar powered mini-computer displays the service history of the off-grid machinery and tells the story of the gold fish it serves, and of boys who love their goldfish in good and bad times.